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because it's friday and i'm feeling good. ✨😄✨ #asseenonme

enjoyed a special night at the ballet, courtesy of @puma.
i made sure to pull out my favorite suit. ✌🏽 #asseenonme

new rings. what do you want think?
🕵🏽: product codes 968421, 952909, 947012

the best day of the week = delivery day. ✨📦✨ #asseenonme

what you call a shoe game level-up. 🤙🏽
sneak peek at an upcoming project we're working on. ✌🏽 #ASOSLooped

color palette 👉🏽 oxblood, dusty pink, and sandy brown. 👌🏽 #asseenonme
movie night. next stop: the angelika. 🎥

caught the #sunrise this morning. ✨🌞✨

a little scruff, a lot of fluff. ✌🏽 #asseenonme

i've been all about shearling this winter. #asseenonme

all of the lights, all of the lights. 🌃 #NYC

snowmen outside, spacemen in here. 👨🏽‍🚀 #BBC

Playing around in the samples earlier today. ✌🏽 #fridayshenanigans

i really love this look. so simple, but (in my opinion) so strong. 💪🏽 #asseenonme

double-breasted details. 👌🏽

the day just started and i'm already busy AF... just another wednesday.

what today's fit was looking like. 🤙🏽

good morning from #soho.

detail inspection. 🕵🏽
pants and belt from @asos_man. #asseenonme

a little work, a lot of relaxing. 😌 #sundaze

couldn't wait to break out the new biker. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

a little snow can't slow down the kid. 💪🏽 #asseenonme

this new biker jacket got me feeling tough as hell. 💪🏽 #asseenonme
🕵🏽: product code 935175.

think pink. #asseenonme
👟: product code 978342

field trips to #BK. ✌🏽

take five. 🖐🏽

white-on-white. 💪🏽
👟: 931666 (double pack) #asseenonme

late nights at the office. early enough for a selfie though, ha! 🤳🏽#asseenonme

guess the color of the day.