Play up your contour in a New York minute using the #mastersculpt, a powder palette with a contouring shade and highlighter (available in select markets worldwide) or the #mastercontour v-shape duo stick, an easy on-the go stick with a contouring shade on one side and a glowy highlighting shade on the other. Which one is your go-to for sculpting perfection?


@ruhmarao this powder one

@pc.peaches 👋🏼 We don't have an Australia release date just yet, but keep an eye on our local Facebook and Snapchat (MaybellineAU) where we announce all new releases X

Are they good?


I have both. I use the powder one on a daily basis xx

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Please STOP USING men in your campaigns #!# the last thing we woman need to do is try to compete ( look as beautiful as an Over made up man ) 😔

I tried both but prefer the stick

glitter 😄 @lucreziaa03

@raandomreviews what is purpurin?