Patiently waiting for the @kyliecosmetics Royal Peach Palette 😍. Who else is planning on getting it?! I think that the shades have been put together so well!!! πŸ‘
I've also reviewed the Kylie Cosmetics Brush Set on my blog if you are interested πŸ’— link is in my bio 😘



Hi can you swatch the comparisons between kylie's dark red colors like leo, merry etc ? Just asking πŸ˜„

I was so confused as to why you put an ass emoji but then realised before Kim kardashian it was just a peachπŸ˜‚

I'm trying to resist but I may just get it and also get the burgundy palette 😭❀

@hypothesistheory Where can we see this?

Did you see that comparison with the Too Faced palette? πŸ€” It looks really good in those swatches! 😏

Have you heard of AMF LIPSTICK?! ..Check us out!


Omg yes

@beautywithneesha when the result of the giveway will come out