Elle on Elle


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You're amazing Elle 💕

This is so lit....... *subscriber cover* FTW <3


I admire you! ... And I'm more mad at you. I'm used to miss all reason. In your absence no longer I understand how to live. Fanatic, unconditional and devoted to your beautiful eyes. I admire you! ... And I'm more than I need you. I go to bed and I wake up thinking beautiful image. Ensure that your happiness is my essential purpose. you're the only star, but your brilliance is unattainable. your steps only feeds my way

In a world where you exist, where peace with your beauty, with the law of thy light, Leaning on your beauty, and obedience of your eyes. on your lips send me, and you fascinate me. In this world, I admire you ... As I looked at you talk (for TV) time stopped in the middle moment: your beauty called me and I obeyed. I admire you as you write, feelings rose, He sent your voice, and the sky was visible in your beautiful eyes

Not even Da Vinci could have portrayed your beauty, If the monalisa could have life I would envy I would be jealous, furious, to contemplate the beauty of your face You are a work of art, breathing and walking on your feet.

That's so Nice!! ❤