Flaunt the falsies angel effect! Lift and plump your lashes to new heights for a winged out lash look with #pushupangel mascara.


@ilariagc das ist eine Engel Mascara HAHAHAH cas?

@jasmineyoung_ Shoulda gone to specsavers 😂

Can this please be released in the Philippines?

@metal_tumblr_addict OH it does lmao 😂😂 i might need to go specsavers to check my eyes out 😂

@jasmineyoung_ hun it says waterproof on it i think youre ok 😂

@metal_tumblr_addict oooh pretty 😍 but if it's not waterproof then i can't use it hahah

@jasmineyoung_ thoughts?

My favorite mascara 😍💔