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#PSLReview The #911R.
The most fun I had in a car in a long time.
I wasn't completely satisfied with the #GT3RS as it had very little power under 6000rpm so on track it was perfect because you are always flat out, but on normal roads you are always below 6000 and to overtake I often had to use 1st Gear, this is why the #488 killed it and so did the #RS6.
I thought this was just going to be a wingless GT3RS with a manual gearbox and softer suspensions, which are better on normal roads.
Instead it isn’t, this is so much fun on the road, and it puts a silly grin on your face every time you drive it.
This thing is ready every time you push the throttle, always the right rpm with plenty of torque, thanks to the short ratio six-speed manual.
I didn't want to tune the suspension setup for the track like in my old GT3/RS because I want to drive it daily and have fun.
I am using it in winter so I’ve fitted @pirelli #sottozero and it's quite frightening, she tries to kill you every time you push the accelerator, it’s always sideways, always, even getting on the highway because in 3rd gear you still get wheel spin.
I would like to have more to say but I’ll have to wait until I drive it with semi slick tires in the spring.
The exterior is very similar to a #CarreraS so it's not as sexy as the GT3RS, you have to know what a 911R is to be seduced by its charm, its rarity and its driving pleasure; reason why this happened: the other day a guy told me that I had a great car, he asked me if it was a #TurboS and I told him it was a 911R. He answered: "oh ok, cool anyway".
This is a million times cooler and better drive you dumbfuck!

One minute before getting kicked out by the local police, apparently the #TDF is not allowed into pedestrian areas. #Ferrari #F12TDF #Modena

The #TDF feeling at home in the backstreets of #Modena. #Ferrari #F12TDF

I think I can fit a bag in that huge hole
#porsche #911r

As soon as you get used to zero visibility and managing 750hp with 355 rear tires on snow the #SV is actually a great #WinterDaily. #AventadorSVRoadster #Lamborghini

You don't always need a 4x4 on the snow... but you have to be prepared to be constantly sideways
#Porsche #911R

You don't always need a #4x4 on the #snow. #911R

Giving them some rest after all the powersliding. #AventadorSVRoadster #911R

I told you it was easy to drive, and listen to that sound! #Ferrari #GTC4Lusso #Snow

This car is the real surprise of 2016.
I thought it couldn't be very different from the FF and not much faster with just 30hp more.
Instead this car is perfect. It's the perfect GT and finally exactly what I think Ferrari was looking for with the FF.
The FF was a good car, but it wasn't perfect, the feeling was really strange, when you pushed hard the car would loose traction for half a second, then the front axel would kick in to give more traction, and only then you could appreciate the full power. When it lost traction you had to fight with the steering wheel because the torque differential worked in a strange way to stabilise the car.
Most drivers didn't like this feeling, they preferred the constant traction of their Bentleys or RS6.
The infotainment wasn't what you expect from a 300k car.
Instead the engine of the Lusso is very powerful even at low revs, it's fast revving but friendly so everyone is at ease driving it. It continues to push gradually all the way to the rev limiter and it feels to have much more hp and torque than the FF.
The sound inside is deadened, from outside instead is very loud as you can hear from my videos, which is perfect if you have to drive long distances.
The suspension is soft, you can go over bumps at 100km/h without feeling them but it doesn't roll too much sideways so it has great lateral grip.
The Lusso is an S Class with the emotions and the performance of a Ferrari.
Contrary to the FF, this car gives you the right feeling on what is happening, it hardly slides but if it happens it reacts in a very composed way.
The infotainment is completely new, high tech, cool, touchscreen, much larger and user friendly. Also the passenger display has now many options to choose from.
The buttons on the steering wheel are improved too, easier to use and of a much better quality.
If someone asked if I would advise to buy the FF for 300k instead of a Continental GT or a S Class coupe I would have said that I wasn't sure, you have to love Ferrari to accept some of its imperfections.
Ask me the same for the Lusso and I would say that you would be a fucking imbecile not to go for it.

A slow powerslide with the #911R, rwd and #snow don't get along very well. Next up the #Lusso.

I hope @gregb.23 doesn't have to leave before I do. #G63AMG6x6 #AventadorSVRoadster #911R

La #Befana ditched the broom for a bull. @gercollector she would be a perfect match for your #Santa. #Epiphany #Epifania #AventadorSVRoadster #Lamborghini

#Repost @nicolodega
A wolf in sheep's clothing. #911R #Porsche #991R #991 #911