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soaking it all in

Thinking back to this magical place ✨

Chain it up. 🔗

Viernes 🙌🏼 Activando el modo desconexión 🙂🙃

Values + vision boards with some of the very best 💜Thanks to everyone who came out to Pixelated Pinto and @troutandtaylor's inaugural event. There's plenty more where that came from, home girls #rockyourpaperscissors #soulfood

How did you grow up so quick? And how are you so dang cool?!? #maxwellfinn

Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon! 🔴// #pikachu #pokemon #ashketchum

Dinner last night: SPAMsilog. Look at the eruption on that sunny side up egg #yolkporn

Birthday remains. Note to self - do not make your own cake next year. Just let it go for once! (I wasn't happy with cake #1 - it didn't rise! I made another cake! What??! Yes I made two different types of cake because I'm c-r-a-z-y) Cake issues aside, I'm in love with these tall glitter candles I found. 🎂🍰
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Rough week? Don't worry it's FriYAY! #MyMooieMeisha @christoharms

How cute does @oddlyandcompany look in her Joy is Her Middle Name shirt? 😍
Did you know that her name is also Lindsay Joy? I’d say that’s why we originally bonded but she has grown to be someone I deeply admire and respect. 💛
She makes tiny house replicas to help you remember the homes that mean the most to you and her attention to detail is impeccable. Plus she makes my shirt look gooooood. 😎
Get yours at TheJoyfulJewelryBox.com

In golden fields ☀

Вы соскучились по весне? Я очень! Вот придумываю, какие растения посадить в студии, чтобы атмосфера была весенней! Безумно люблю гиацинты, они такие ароматные и пахнут действительно весной! А пока любуюсь гиацинтами на окошках и сукулентами в бокальчиках🌱
Всем солнечного настроения!☀️️
Ph: @lapshina_olga_
Location: студия @olasuruhanova
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This pumpkin tahini dip was DIVINE ☺️Who said healthy eating was boring? Dips are such a fun way to experiment--what's your favorite?

My kinda breakfast (eh dah pukul 1!) 😂

This precious one thinks up the funniest things to do! I have to have the camera ready at all times 😂 "up"

This was a few days ago when Mariah wasn't feeling good. It's rough for us parents seeing your child sick, but it's pretty rough for their siblings as well. I thought I was going to miss this shot when I ran to grab my camera and am so glad I caught this. Didn't think a puking fest can be a precious pic?!

Less than 24 hours to go until our RTS Lucca Dresses hit the shop tomorrow! All 4 new dresses will be available in sizes 18m-7/8 at 9pm CST🙌🙌🙌 CP 📷: @cranecophoto

Check out my YouTube channel (link in about me) to see the rest of our trip to and above the big apple! 🍎

I'm feeling frag tonight. I read a moving passage in a novel, and before I knew it, I'd been weeping for an hour. Isn't it interesting how our bodies kick in and take over for us sometimes? Didn't even know I needed a good cry until I was in the middle of it. Here is an unrelated photograph of a deer, because I forgot to post it earlier, and she was such a pretty thing.

Finally nice enough to walk and get the mail - Ember was so excited I was out to play with her!! 18|365 #mrslaurabeth365of2017 59/100 #100daysofwinter2016 #emberrote2017 #emberrote #rotefarms #gsd

"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety." —Abraham Maslow 🚣🏻‍♀️
📸: @beingkaylascott