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Enjoy a delicious antipasto platter and glass of sparkling on our North Lawn in front of the big screen this weekend. Tickets for Flicks on the Lawn are available from reception at C.ex Coffs or online at cex.com.au #flicksonthelawn #breakfastattiffanys #mrandmrssmith #coffscoast #itsmyclub


Having different life goals, visions, beliefs, and dreams than your partner can certainly be divisive, but it doesn't always have to mean the end of the union. ⠀

In this week's podcast, I offer three major concepts you can use to look at the big picture of your relationship and see if the issues you are battling in your relationship are deal-breakers. I also end the episode with a handful of journal prompts you can use to evaluate the state of your unique situation.⠀

This pod explores:⠀

1) Why you don't always have to understand one another in order to support each other⠀

2) What-the-hell core values are and why they are imperative to navigating opposition in your relationship⠀

3) The difference between compromise and settling (hint: one is awesome, and one not so much)⠀

4) How to grow together and individually, even if you aren't always on the same page⠀

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There's nothing I want more than to stand by your side on your wedding day. I cried so many happy tears when you gave me this box, I almost couldn't keep it together haha. I'm so honored and so unbelievably excited for this next chapter in your lives. I love you!! ❤️❤️ #moh #besties #mybestfriendisgettingmarried #takehertochurch #love #sept162017 #mrandmrssmith #hechoseyoubutisstuckwithus

<< He’s got time, she’s got taste
He brings the devil out of her
And puts a smile across her face
So Mr and Mrs Smith come down
We got your room already for you have a wonderful time
Enjoy the luxury, the atmosphere
And every room got personality
Stay up all night, sleep all day
It’s up to you, it’s all okay
She likes to sing
She likes to dance
She says to him with every chance
Give me one more night, one more song
One more drink, shake me all night long
Shake me all night long >>
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M O N D A Y. L O V E. @bigbluebackyard

Earlier this week when I stopped by World's Fare I also got @travisedwardsmith and myself his and hers taco socks. #taco #tacoaddict #socks #hisandhers #mrandmrssmith

2017 has been a great year so far for our little family 😍❤🐾 From our first road trip to North Dakota, getting our first house, and getting our first little fur baby named Nova!! God has blessed us in many ways and I am so excited for more adventures with you baby💖

We had such a good time at our engagement party yesterday ❤️🍾💃🏽🎤
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We are so grateful to have such amazing friends and family ☺️ #shesaidyasss #mrandmrsSmith #allyouneedislove

Steelers Ready! #Pregaming 🍻#GoSteelersGo! 💛🏈🖤 #MrAndMrsSmith 💏 #BostonBound 🇺🇸

Just one more example that Angie fights for what she believes in😂 "you're still alive, baby?" I love this line.
– at the last seconds Ang says "tlrrrr" to Brad because of the squirrel🐿 and then she laughs and it's the cutest thing and oh ma gosh😌💕
-➡️okay everyone, I don't do shoutouts all the time, so believe me that this is page is worth doing a shoutout for and it's very worth following. @obviously_angelina is from a friend of mine called Hallie and she is such a great fangie and so nice it hurts😂😛. Her captions and texts about Ang and Brangelina are on fleek and I'm sure you will love them✨ so follow @obviously_angelina !!!
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"shit happens, life goes on" #angelinajolie #mrandmrssmith