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Exactly like I was as a little girl ...GIRLY TOMBOY 🚜🎀

Because this Mumma needs this happy face in my feed right now 😊 thanks everyone for the love of shippy and his friend. It's always hard losing a pet (big or small) but thankfully Zae took the story well that 'shippy and his friend went shopping'. Now we just have to go to the shops this weekend and get them back 🙂

My heart is hurting so much right now for what my beloved Melbourne city went through this afternoon. I've been hugging my kids tight, wishing I could erase the pain of that mother who won't get to hug her baby tonight. 😔⠀

Peace. Love. Empathy.⠀

Words that hold so much weight and in fact, in the face of such tragedy, means so much more. I feel like we're on the cusp of something, that today was just another piece in this collective puzzle of awakening. ⠀

In the US, tomorrow we have a new era of something, despite it going against everything I personally believe in, I feel will lead way to a revolution of love warriors fighting for those same beliefs. ⠀

As one of my mentors said to me earlier as I was trying to process my anger and grief about what happened - these crazy things are happening to shift our world into more love, more light. It's like that Martin Luther King quote about not fighting hate with hate.⠀


I can't wait to start decluttering my life next week following the @mariekondo method! I can't wait for my room to look like this! (Just not as white though) 📷 credit: @pinterest

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A beautiful sunset swim to top off a beautiful Friday 🙌🏼🙌🏼

All bout that comfy life in my @cosstores jumper. Found it on sale for 70% off last night and couldn't resist. Happy Friday! #weekendvibes

Love is wen you wake up to this beauty..❤❤❤ #thehappynow#gogreen#nature_perfection#lovethis#s#farm#simplelife#simpleliving

Teckelliefde ♡
Een nieuwe blog over Bregje en James staat nu online!
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Happy Friday!!! I have my little family together again and tonight we're celebrating a little! After over two years we finally have a little patch of lawn in the back yard. It's the little things these days. Who knew a small patch would make us so happy. 😜 #gettingold #cantwaittowatchgrassgrow #thelittlethings

This little babe has started giving me kisses, without being asked, they are medicine for the soul. Hold your loved ones close tonight Melbourne. ❤️

"Say cheese"!!! 😄.
(parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It's tough as hell. Somedays you don't even know how you do it but you get by anyway. If you have support from your extended families, treasure it. If you don't, you do all you can do and make the most of the beautiful life God has given you. I wished I have more help with the kids sometimes but it is what it is. Sometimes, help comes in ways we least expect it. Like lovely friends, school clubs or even paid child care. I'm glad the kids are growing {too fast even}, it means it will only get easier. It does get easier. So to all the parents raising their kids almost alone ~ limited support, you are doing a great job! Well done) #smileforthecamera 😄

Holidays with my little love ✨

Well I have to say I finally sat down and did that *sighhh of "far out it feels good to sit down" after a crazy week of tragic news attending my beloved grand fathers funeral then to jump straight off the plane and move house was heavy! This afternoon I actually got a chance to take it all in and relax on the porch with a cracker drop of evens + Tate cab sav. The blue ren on the grass, peacocks in the trees, green parrots on the roof. A Avery of birds at our door step ... cheers 🍷

Morning Instafriends! It's Friyay!!!!
This mug is off on an epic journey to Hawaii today. Lucky thing! Hubby and I were fortunate enough to go to Maui on our honeymoon- over 6 years ago now, such an amazing adventure. 💗💗💗We promised ourselves we'll go back on our 10th anniversary- only 3 and a half years to go...🕰🏝🏄‍♀️

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Walking alone in a big city reminded me of that time I lived alone in a big city. I see the world through different eyes now.