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Everyone has an opinion of how you should live your life. But all of that should be none of your business. Pursue your dreams regardless of what people are saying.
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Smiles will make your life richer...

Water can feel like concrete - but it doesn't resist you - because it floods - and when you calmly descent into it - than all you feel is pure silence - and sheer endearment - so, it's not a solid wall - and won't stop you - but water itself - goes where the fuck it wants to go - and there's nothing that can stand against it - because water is patient - wears away stone if it must - and it always does - what it needs - and wants to do - that's how fucking strong water is - so remember that - but remember too - that you're half water - so whenever you can't go through a difficulty - go around it - or right through it - like water does too - focussing on where you wanna go - and not on what you fear, in 3, 2, 1 GO!!
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Real Recognize Real

Much #respect to the man @hasanigomez. I appreciate you taking the time to help me through my #contestprep! You are a good dude and motivating as Hell! You are going to tear it up this year and I look forward to following your journey!

And Yes, he is BIG 😂💪 #family #fitness #fitspo #motivation #respect #soakupknowledgelikeasponge #successful

Our opportunities and future possibilities are limitless. Lets get dreaming and then start doing! 🙌

Make small steps everyday towards your better future ...... !!!
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There is no what ifs!

Life is limitless and the sky is no longer the limit anymore. We are all free to chase our dreams for as far as our ambition will push us too! Stay motivated and persistent and you will succeed!💯
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we were able to catch and reel in a nurse shark and let it go #successful#pescando#caughteveryonesattention#tomy#el#tiburon

Once we have constructed our plans we need to actively clear the internal objections that get in our way