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One of the many beautiful murals I've seen so far in San Francisco.

I couldn't wait to eat it. Late night outings with the besties 💖

Happy 2017! While everyone puts up their new year's eve photos, I'll put this one up from Christmas eve because I'm lame and didn't go out. You know you had a good posada if you end up covered with confetti.

I had so much fun at the Old Hollywood Glamour dance party last night. I can't wait for next semester's dance! Hair and makeup was done by the the lovely Jennifer!

Almost ran over a Machop yesterday. #pokemongo

Trey Songz last night was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better first concert! #asibigevent

Zero Express with the girls!

Had such a fun time yesterday in Puerto Nuevo. Ate good food, saw a beautiful beach, met new people, even got to walk alongside this majestic horse.

After this we went to karaoke, where I have no photos but my memories. Which is all that really matters.

Had such a fun time tonight with some old and new friends! It was such a treat after these hard past couple of weeks.

Here are the candidates who want to be America's superhero! TBD on who we'll choose to save us from ISIS, a slow economy, climate change, and other big ticket issues. #skimmlife #skimmthevote #vote

Guys it Super Tuesday!! I know a majority of young people tend to not vote because they feel their voice is not heard. Little do they know that the simplest, quickest, and easiest way to be heard in politics is to vote. Ironic, huh. Even though CA'S primary isn't for a while we still need to pay attention to the other states! The easiest way to get caught up to date is to check out theSkimm's concisely worded and nonpartisan guides! Read up guys!!! #skimmlife #skimmthevote #vote

Such a beautiful day on the beach. Perfect way to celebrate my Dad's birthday!!!

Getting sushi with the little brother! He hates taking photos. 😄🍣🍱 #sushi @sansailakewood

@julepnailsathome thanks for the giveaway! 💅💅💅

Just got home from campus. All these long days will pay off in the end. I just have to hold on, work hard, and give it my all. #feelinginspired #tired #bagsfordays #sciencemajor

Because it was our first time going to the Cheesecake Factory, I just had to take a photo of our aesthetically pleasing (and delicious) food.

Had a beautiful lunch at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my dad finally becoming a U.S. citizen!!!! Now we wait for my Mom's swear in appointment.

Gaah!!!! They sell Julep products at ULTA now!!! This is fueling my obsession even more!!!! 😍😍😍 #julep #julepmaven

So I discovered my late great grandpa. I wish my dad got a chance to know him. (12/31)

Loved this photo from last night! Happy New Year! Let 2016 be full of hope, excitement, and happiness! 😊💖

Lunch with loved ones and family! @almaaceciliaa look at your abuelos!

Pretty good for not being able to speak english!

Sorry for all the spam. I only get a reliable connection in el centro. So I post everything all at once while I have a chance. Having some fresh authentic churros!

The sunsets here are so beautiful. (12/26) #nofilter

The best fresas in the world! (12/24)

Yesterday in my Mom's hometown we had dulce de leche. #yummy

Julep Giveaway!! 😍💅💅 Courtesy of @julepnailsathome

We haven't seen each other since graduation but we can pick off right where we left off. It was like we were never apart in the first place. 🎳 #nofilter #cosmicbowling

Guess who I was today! *hint: he's disqualified * #birdnest #fakebird #igotweirdlooksforthis

I really need a new mascara primer so this would be perfect# #benefitHAULiday @benefitcosmetics