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I look like shit....but hi everyone...lol

I wish i could juat sleep for hrs lol

And you showed me that 😒

This song helps me tho anything when im depressed or when my anxiety starts to act up

I use to think that way but not anymore!! #tiredoffeelingused #rebound #fml #tiredofhurting

I think when i live out on my own when i move to California my christmas persent to myself is going to be a nice bottle of wine and staying at home. Because i dont have to deal with Christmas shit #fuckchristmas #bahumbug


Bored out of my mind

I love my bestie i get to spend time with her tomorrow and Wednesday!! Woohoo!!

Back to when i had grey hair lol i miss it

Hey everybody! how you guys doing?

All I want is what we had back because i miss you 😞

Fml! Wish my life would just go

To be honest

Today was a good day. But it got me thinking. Its funny how time passes us by. But through that time people and feelings come and go. We grow mentally, physically, emotionally through that time as well. Each and every one of us have our place on this world, its just some of us like to find our place and some just want to hide from it. You can make this world a better place or you can make it worse. The choice is up to you.

Hopefully will be good a day!

Its going to be a great day

Love is in the air....lol just kidding!!

Well todays my 19th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!! #19thbirthday #birthday #mybirthday