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Made my snowman inside cause it's too cold (-12°) outside. 😆☃

#TB It use to be long distance, now I wake up next to him every single morning 💙🙏💏👑

I love life with you! 💙

Keep ya'self poppin ! 🛀💋💄💇💅

You get aaaall my kisses love 😂😚💋

Us 💙

"Don't go to the light" 😂 tried making our own sad movie! Ctfu

Crazy for pizza 🍕 !

I do weird things and he doesnt mind doing them with me! I LOVE IT! 😂💙

Good luck my love💙 I pray God brings you guidance and fills you with hope and confidence as you go into your job interview. May those around you encounter something of him in all you do. 🙏 Trust that he will open the right doors for you!

You're the only good thing that happened in 2016. I pray that God blesses our lives in our journey together and fills us with his Glory. May we be bonded together in the type of love his Son Jesus showed on the cross and may our lives be a wonderful reflection of his grace as we abide in it forever. 💙🙏


You've made this the best birthday ever 💙 I appreciate you so much my love! So so much! Xoxo

Here's to 21 years of annoying everyone in my life 😂 #Cheers 🍻🎉 #ItsMyCday #21

My handsome! 💙👑

I won Rock Paper Scissors and wanted to watch Sing but since I'm nice I let my boyfriend pick the movie 😂 #AssassinsCreed

You complete me 💙

Last night I let my boyfriend try to do my eyebrows! 😂 Honestly wasn't that bad! 7/10 lol #ILoveYou

Finally 💙