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Charlottes meal😜🌸

Taking photos with your back camera is harder than you think🙄

Lmao moody. Skating today👫⛸

Big smiles lmao🐶


Lmao rare sight. Hair up🤔

Ma luhrve❤️❤️

Costa date w/ mucky pup😂❤️ @arnoldwhap

Last night I experienced actual heaven💔 would've been nice to had actually seen Brendon though😭

Stop being so tall ty😉

Missing you😪❤️

Cheeky ye?😂 Lotta luv❤️

A while ago😜

Look disgusting but ah well. Fave person ever❤️

#TB to when I could take selfies😭 rip front cam😢

First day was ok. (Ft Charlotte going to pee)

Can I co back to Crete pls? #tb


Missing Greece but it's so good to be home☺️

Having a fab time in Crete🇬🇷❤️ lol ignore the sunburn


Missing prom already💃🏻

Prom was so so good😭❤️