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become one of the pseudo goths ur mama always warned u about

i miss you, my love.

same, my dude.

the queen gay returns.

we are no strangers to airport floor cuddles.

goodbye to a beautiful city and a beautiful girl.

very lucky. very cold. very in love.

rung in the new year feelin myself, apparently.

legends never die.


wow i can't believe drake scaled this tower with his bare hands!

she's kinda a catch.

well, that's a new one.


she makes fun of my passport picture, and then has the NERVE...

"i don't want my life to imitate art. i want my life to be art." -carrie fisher

purposefully placed across from the millennium falcon. thank you for teaching me how to save myself, princess. #carriefisher

we've lost a feminist icon, a mental health advocate, a princess, a hero, and perhaps the most genuine woman to ever walk this planet. godspeed, carrie.

without a doubt the loveliest christmas ever.

if yall think this isn't going on the wedding invites......think again. (also thanks again to my fav @yela.h for these 💕✨)

isn't this place called "the land of the living skies" or something like that?

holy shit, i'm the luckiest girl on earth.

forever proud of my wonderful girl.

at these (admittedly, tiny) astral coordinates, there will forever be a star with the name "Shelbi Addison". now, those coordinates will forever be on its namesake.
thank you for the most wonderful Christmas gift, @annietrussler. you are every star in my sky.

the only thing i love more than cookies is the girl who took this picture

how the gays stole christmas (alternatively: the one where my fiancée and i decorate our first tree)


spin around me like a dream we played out on this movie screen

a study in greyscale. #photography

thankful for a maintained high school friendship, being out, and the boss ass ham i made today.

hey @tyrabanks: call me when u want to sign me

cant wait to be home.

it's officially christmas time in apartment 301

these are the feet of a published author.