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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy NAHL Year

Sending love to one of my favorite places on earth

Could really use a Chincoteague sunset and some Tristen #tbt

We have an open relationship #nationalboyfriendday

They posted pics of us looking classy but I thought I'd show insta our true colors #RoadtotheSchlabachWedding

"F us up, McFaddens." And that they did. That they did.

Take South Carolina by the balls

Sophisticated w a hint of slutty

Hungover n happy ❤️❤️❤️

Froggy day in the Shenandoah w my long lost bff

Happy birthday to the girl that keeps my head on straight but can still party harder than me 😛🤘 love ya and that beautiful soul of yours

Pickles, beer, n'at #picklesburgh

just reliving the best day of summer over n over again 🍻 #kenny2k16

"I'll show you how it's done."
Not too many girls can say they have and identical boomerang with their dad chugging a beer in Epcot. I love ya. @reuen3865

Things to be scared of in FL: hurricanes, snakes, gators, Casey Anthony.

One of these things is not like the others

"We're all mad (hungover) here."

Doing what I do best in the most magical place on earth

MY FABI IS ENGAGED 💍💍💍💍 congrats @fabiana2710 & @clbsch !!!

Prom n playoffs

Thanks for driving my drunk ass around and letting me puke in the back of your cars ❤️ love you guys

Most people from NJ are assholes but the views n lighthouses ain't too bad

1, 2, 3, I'm 21 and she's 23

RIP fake ID #21
Jk I never had the guts to get one of those @_katiesaylor

Here's your Easter blessing 🐰

For those of you who missed Bauer being the cutest freaking pup ever last night

Whatta cute piece of shit :')

Order of importance pictured left to right #pens

The boys are adopted, shh don't tell them #happyholidays

Don't let us fool you, we hate each other

Good friends, better wine #blessed #thankful