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@socialgang I am so proud of you! These 10 weeks have been hard but the outcome is worth it. So happy that you are in my life. ❤️ I love you so so so so much Tree. Always.

So excited to see him in less than a week! @socialgang

Had a really good birthday weekend in Saint Louis with @goldstone90 I even got to talk to @socialgang on my birthday! ❤️

Happy 1 year with this guy!! 😍😍😍😍 Time has gone so fast, still can't believe it's been a whole year. So happy that you're the one I call my boyfriend. Sad we can't spend it together but I'll see you in November at your graduation. I'm so proud of who you are becoming. I love you sooooo much Tree. ❤️❤️ @socialgang

I'm going to miss you so much!! ❤️ Can't wait to see you again in November. I love you tree. 🌳❤️

Cause I f with my dog more than anybody else. ❤️🎶

The ones I'll miss the most. ❤️

Back to Miami.

Awesome adventures in Grand Turk! 🛳

Puerto Rican 🐌 😂

❤️ St. Thomas was good to me. 🛳

Half Moon Cay was fun... Now off to St. Thomas. 🛳

Pretty good for only my second time.

Portland, Maine. Not Portland, Oregon.

On to the next one.

Changes in latitudes. ❤

Just because I think you're cute. #boyfriend #cute #love #smile

Happy 26th birthday Boo! I love you so much. I'm so happy to have you as my big sister. Can't wait to start our journey together in a new place and experience it with you. Well... I can't find my inner @shawnna_staples so... This is all I got. Love you so so much boo boo. As long as the sea is bound to wash upon the sand. 😍😍😍😍

Happy 18th birthday Tree!! ❤️❤️❤️ So happy I got to spend time with you today. I hope you had a great day! I love you so much! 😍 #18 #birthday #happy #cute #boyfriend #lunch #movies #qualitytime #love